The Australian Georgian Grande Registry

There are two main divisions within the registry: the Georgian Grande Horse, to be 14.2hh and over, and the Georgian Grande Pony, under 14.2hh.

The australian Georgian Grande Registry is run under the strict rules and guide-lines of the International Georgian Grande in USA.  UAHA will register dual for horses that are registered with IGA in USA or direct here in australia.


Sire: Ironbarks Manhattan Symphony
Dam:Kulvar Sophie (Clydesdale)
DOB: 29/11/09

          Glengowrie Clydesdale Stud

Georgian Grande Horse is a new horse breed being developed from crossbreeding the American Saddlebred on the Friesian horse and assorted draft horse breeds. The aim of the breeding is to create a Saddlebred-like horse that adds the best qualities of heavier breeds. One goal of the breed registry is to recreate a historic type of Saddlebred common prior to the 20th century that has been less emphasized in modern times.

Breeding - the goal of the breeding is to combine the refinement of the Saddlebred and the temperament of heavier breeds, and to create a "baroque" style of horse that is suited for multiple equestrian and driving purposes.
To qualify for registration with the International Georgian Grande Horse Registry, the horse must either be of registered Georgian Grande Horse parents, or be have a blended bloodline of American Saddlebred and any of the following: Friesian horse, Clydesdale horse, Percheron, Shire horse, Irish Draught or Belgian draft horse. Drum Horses and Gypsy Vanner horses are accepted as an influence if they are registrered with their own breed registry and have a proven pedigree. No non-draft horse influence other than the Saddlebred is accepted. A Georgian Grande Horse is expected to have at least 25 % but no more than 75 % of Saddlebred influence in its pedigree.

Conformation and Qualities 
The height of the Georgian Grande Horse ranges from 15.2 to 17 hands (62 to 68 inches, 157 to 173 cm) or higher at withers, and the weight from 1,000 to 1,400 pounds (450 to 640 kg). All colors of coat and eyes are accepted. The desired overall impression is a horse that is tall, strong-boned and of striking appearance. The desired character of a Georgian Grande Horse is alert and intelligent but calm. The horse should be easy to train and very cooperative. A Georgian Grande Horse is not considered mature until the age of six years.

The breed standard describes the forehead as be broad, and the eyes large and set wide apart. The profile should be straight or slightly concave, with a delicate muzzle and large nostrils. The ears should have a good shape and express the desired alert character of the horse. The neck is long, arched and well-muscled, flowing into well-defined withers, and a back that is level and relatively short. The shoulders are deep and sloping to allow for good movement. The croup should be slightly sloping rather than level. The hips should be wide and round. The legs are properly angled and well-set, and their conformation should allow the animal to be good at jumping. The joints should be large, flat and clean. The legs are desired to be thick with good bone; the circumference of the cannon of a mature horse, measured just below the knee, should be 9 inches (23 cm) at the minimum, and a larger circumference is desirable. The hooves should be large and in proportion to the size of the horse.

The trot should have great lift and impulsion, with good extension. The horse should move its hocks deep under its body. The canter should be balanced and round, and the walk should be very energetic. Gaits comprise 50 % of the scoring in shows.

When grooming a Georgia Grande, the mane and tail should normally be kept at full length, though the mane may be pulled for hunting or jumping purposes. The tail is kept natural, and is not to be docked or cut. Feathering on the legs is acceptable, though the legs may also be clipped.



UAHA is working on an On-line horse show and will start with a few classes to get going.  All classes will include part-bred and pure-bred and depending on numbers, will be separated.  If we do not get enough numbers, they will be shown together.  

Forms will be made for each class, and a list will be set up for people to put their name on the class they are interested in. 

Classes will be as follows:

1:  For kids under 14, and can be ridden, led or just for fun.

2:  Fun photos all ages.

3:  Ridden all ages.

4:  Led all ages.


Please put your name on list of interested and which class/s you are interested in on United Australian Horses of Americas News Spot.