Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct will be a work in progress.  For clear understanding please send email to  UAHA
 The Code of Conduct is reviewed on a regular basis and the last date of review will be listed on the document. Please note that individual rules can be changed without warning, and at the time of viewing may yet to be published on the website. In all cases please contact the Registry for confirmation of current rulings.


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UAHA is working on an On-line horse show and will start with a few classes to get going.  All classes will include part-bred and pure-bred and depending on numbers, will be separated.  If we do not get enough numbers, they will be shown together.  

Forms will be made for each class, and a list will be set up for people to put their name on the class they are interested in. 

Classes will be as follows:

1:  For kids under 14, and can be ridden, led or just for fun.

2:  Fun photos all ages.

3:  Ridden all ages.

4:  Led all ages.


Please put your name on list of interested and which class/s you are interested in on United Australian Horses of Americas News Spot.