The gaits of the Peruvian Horse

  • Paso Llano - an even timed four beat gait at medium speed
  • Sobreandando - four beat gait a little on the lateral side of the spectrum, slightly faster
  • Walk
  • Trot
  • Canter

Special breed characteristics

  • Brio - vivacious attitude, pride in performance, toughness
  • Termino - a rolling out of the shoulder which makes the hoof swing outwards when the frontleg comes forward
  • Long strideand good knee and hock action

Links for Peruvians


UAHA is working on an On-line horse show and will start with a few classes to get going.  All classes will include part-bred and pure-bred and depending on numbers, will be separated.  If we do not get enough numbers, they will be shown together.  

Forms will be made for each class, and a list will be set up for people to put their name on the class they are interested in. 

Classes will be as follows:

1:  For kids under 14, and can be ridden, led or just for fun.

2:  Fun photos all ages.

3:  Ridden all ages.

4:  Led all ages.


Please put your name on list of interested and which class/s you are interested in on United Australian Horses of Americas News Spot.