From the Registry: 
Suspended horse.

Horse: Ironbark's Final Edition, Registration No AS-P 18. DOB: 26.4.2005. 
Sire: Ironbarks Chain Reaction 
Dam: Canyonleigh Unforgettable 
Reason for suspension: Registrar made a typo on Registration form and DOB was 26.4.2009. 
Request to return registration was denied and requests to change registration to DOB 24.4.2006 was made and denied by Registrar. Papers were signed by owner of stallion and mare at time of breeding. 
Registry cannot change the legal form signed by previous owner of stallion and mare.

UAHA Registries

UAHA registers pure and part-bred American breed of horses from 25% to 100 %.

A Registry
This Registry caters for purebred horses, proven by DNA parent verification of their pedigree.

B Registry
Partbred horses with a minimum of 50% of the breed.

Sporthorse Registry
Horses with a minimum of 25% of the breed.

Australian Georgian Grande Registry
American Saddlebred crossed with a registered Heavy Breed eg: Friesian, Clydesdale or Percheron, or a Pony Breed of Heavy Type eg: Welsh D (a minimum of 25% and maximum of 75% Saddlebred blood).  This Registry is run with strict guidelines according to the International Georgian Grande Registry USA.

Paso Creole Registry
This registry is a cross with Paso Fino or Peruvian Paso horses.   (more to come )

Saddlebred Warmblood
A cross between a registered Warmblood and a purebred Saddlebred

Registration papers from other recognised breed registries (whether in Australia or Overseas) will more than likely  automatically qualify a horse for inclusion in the Registry but please contact us.


Prior to purchasing or breeding to an horse, always sight the registration papers.

Purebred registration papers are blue.
Partbred registration papers are yellow.
The Sporthorse,  Paso Creole and the Saddlebred Warmblood registion papers are white.

All registration certificates are signed by the registrar of UAHA and have the seal of UAHA stamped on them. If you have questions about a horse or about it's registration status, please contact the Registry. 
If you are considering purchasing a horse without registration papers, contact the Registry to find out if the horse is eligible for registration BEFORE you purchase the horse.

UAHA is working on an On-line horse show and will start with a few classes to get going.  All classes will include part-bred and pure-bred and depending on numbers, will be separated.  If we do not get enough numbers, they will be shown together.  

Forms will be made for each class, and a list will be set up for people to put their name on the class they are interested in. 

Classes will be as follows:

1:  For kids under 14, and can be ridden, led or just for fun.

2:  Fun photos all ages.

3:  Ridden all ages.

4:  Led all ages.


Please put your name on list of interested and which class/s you are interested in on United Australian Horses of Americas News Spot.