United Australian Horses of Americas (UAHA) registers pure and partbred horses of all American breeds.

Should you be interested in either purchasing or breeding to a stallion in Australia or New Zealand, please contact UAHA to ensure the stallion you are choosing is nominated and elligible to breed.  If you decide to breed or show down the track,  you would want the best you can find. 
Please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us.

For all registry matters regarding pure and partbred horses, please email

The Registry supports an outside High Point  award system run by Janene Eades, recognising the achievements of pure and partbred American Saddlebreds from all registries in australia. We also look for sponsors for this High Point award system.

We hope to have the same system set up for some of our other breeds, and we hope volunteers will contact us for information.

We would like a volunteer to help with a News-letter to showcases the achievements of our horses and their owners in show and competition, lists current registrations and transfers, upcoming shows and information about horses abroad, articles pertaining to all our horses and national news of interest to owners of pure and partbred American horse in Australia.